At Emerging Infrastructure, we are focused on leveraging fintech to scale energy and infrastructure investments.


Emerging African fintech has the potential to disrupt several industries beyond mobile banking. With the convergence of energy and credit provision for distributed energy and solar home systems, we aim to leverage fintech to drive a leapfrog in the power sector, where transmission and distribution networks are struggling to reach scattered off-grid consumers, making distributed solar energy and fintech more viable solutions. Blockchain infrastructure and pre-paid applications help enhance greater purchasing power and more money that isn’t taken up by fees, eliminating third parties in energy, retail, banking segments for underbanked demographics.

The convergence of technology and business is accelerating demand for digital infrastructure on a scale never seen before. By driving the deployment of capital we aim to satisfy the public appetite for instant network access, computing resources and big data which has spread to almost all areas of the economy. Adding to this demand are advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and 5G broadband, which are set to cause an upsurge in data traffic as our lives become more interconnected through smart devices and real-time access to products, services, and information.