At Emerging Infrastructure we are particularly proud of our focused, integrated approach targeting Africa-based mandates and U.S. underrepresented investee companies where investments are most impactful.

We are focused on related impact investments in clean energy, infrastructure, and fintech.


The team possesses excellent experience in energy development & commercial management, project finance and advisory. With solar and wind energy project finance and investor tax equity experience managing over USD $10 billion in original principal balance, we believe financing and developing energy for Africa from the wind, sun and natural gas should have minimal impact on the environment.

Mandates & Transactions (selected)

  • Buy-side financial advisory, investor due diligence, material project documents review, including Put-Call-Option Agreements, PPAs, etc. – for the proposed equity investment in two duly licensed utility scale Solar PV farms – of 70 MW and 50 MW – in Nigeria.
  • Development of World Bank / Rural Electrification Agency community-based solar hybrid Mini-grids in Nigeria.
  • Actively originating private sector solar hybrid microgrid projects with creditworthy counterparties in Africa.
  • Financial Advisor and Financial Partner for the acquisition bid for Afam Genco (986MW) and Afam Fast Power (240MW), the largest combined capacity power project in Nigeria. Proposed bid included a modernization plan with a renewable energy replacement option.
  • Advised foreign investor on proposed financing of a 90 MW gas-fired turbine power plant in Nigeria.

Solar Hybrid Microgrids 

Leveraging innovative business models..

…we deliver 24/7 resilient power at the lowest cost

Nigeria, with a population of 200M people and GDP of $400B is the biggest and most attractive off-grid opportunity in Africa, a $10 billion per year market opportunity for minigrids that will save Nigerians $6 billion per year (per Rocky Mountain Institute).

Microgrids hold immense promise in Africa, potentially the cheapest source of energy per kWh – they can reduce large facility’s utility bill by 40%. Through hybrid solar microgrids, reduction in diesel consumption for onsite self generation can help reduce operational savings of up to 56%. Microgrids are more capital efficient than diesel generators and public utilities, can deliver the same level of energy access for less cost and improve Plant’s up-time, while avoiding significant capital of ownership and operating of solar systems.

We leverage a variety of business models with flexible ownership structures to finance Microgrids and provide low cost 24/7 power to communities and facilities.

Utility Scale Solar & Wind

Our experience comprises representing renewable energy investors globally, with an extensive trackrecord in solar and wind power generation and utility scale battery storage.

We leverage project expertise as owners and operators, focused on financing superior assets and generating attractive total returns over the long term. Our focus in on deploying capital in projects that sell power to creditworthy parties under longterm, inflation-linked contracts that allow us to capture increases in power prices over time.

Natural Gas & Gas-to-Power

We are passionate about making significant investments in natural gas pipelines, gas equipment, and modernizing legacy power plants into efficient, state -of-the-art facilities to promote the avoidance of gas flaring and drive the achievement of Affordable and Clean Energy, and other United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our investment and operator experience spans infrastructure assets globally across utilities, gas-to-power facilities, and energy segments. Our pipeline of assets, grounded in over 40 years of related experience, provides diversified exposure to scarce, high-quality businesses with significant barriers to entry. Our long-term objective is to generate steady and growing returns to investors while enhancing operators in building high growth, sustainable and profitable enterprises.




Emerging Infrastructure Capital develops investments across a number of innovative segments across the transportation sector, including mobility, ride-hailing, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, related energy services, aviation, clean energy and electric powered-bus rapid transit, and rail segments. We possess significant resources and interests in leasing out transportation equipment to customers within the Aviation Leasing, Offshore Energy and Shipping Containers segments.

Significant investments in efficient rapid bus lines, rail, aviation and modern ports are necessary to improve inadequate infrastructure, which adds around 30-40% to the costs of goods traded among African countries.




Emerging African fintech has the potential to disrupt several industries beyond mobile banking. With the convergence of energy and credit provision for distributed energy and solar home systems, we aim to leverage fintech to drive a leapfrog in the power sector, where transmission and distribution networks are struggling to reach scattered off-grid consumers, making distributed solar energy and fintech more viable solutions. Blockchain infrastructure and pre-paid applications help enhance greater purchasing power and more money that isn’t taken up by fees, eliminating third parties in energy, retail, banking segments for underbanked demographics.

The convergence of technology and business is accelerating demand for digital infrastructure on a scale never seen before. By driving the deployment of capital we aim to satisfy the public appetite for instant network access, computing resources and big data which has spread to almost all areas of the economy. Adding to this demand are advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and 5G broadband, which are set to cause an upsurge in data traffic as our lives become more interconnected through smart devices and real-time access to products, services, and information.